Times have changed and it’s become almost outdated to carry cash on your these days. Pulling out the plastic and giving it a swipe or docking it in the handy-dandy chip reader has become practically expected now. That said, cash does still play its role and in some instances may even be necessary and that’s where these helpful ATM fee tips come in. Learn how to avoid paying those pesky fees as often as possible so you’re not finding yourself nickel & dimed into the poorhouse.


Avoid Out of Network ATMs

It sounds easy enough but you’d be surprised at just how many people seem to ignore this one. Sure, you may only be tapped for a buck or two per withdrawal but how often do you make those withdrawals per month? Add it all up and figure out how much you spend per year on out of network ATM fees alone, I bet it might rack up to be a pretty penny.


If you’re a member of a larger bank with many branches in your area you’re going to find doing this easier. If you’re part of a smaller financial institution then do your best to work around the need to make cash withdrawals. It’s understandable there’s going to be unforeseen emergencies and such, not much can be done about those. The big idea here is to avoid doing this on such a regular basis that you end up with large sums of money being paid out in fees each year.


Switch To A Feeless Bank If Possible

It might take some hunting but you just might find that one or two banks in your area offer out of network ATM usage without any fees. In some cases they might even have reimbursement plans set up in the case you are charged by the ATM itself, this is often set up on a per-statement period.


Something to consider are online banks which oftentimes work with larger ATM networks in order to grant it’s members fee-free ATM usage. For example, chime bank offers unlimited cash withdrawals at over 38,000 fee-free MoneyPass® ATMs, plus over 30,000 cash back locations. You can also locate fee-free ATMs using the ATM Finder in the Chime app whenever you need to find an “ATM near me.”


Join With a Co-Op ATM Networked Credit Union

Not sure what that is? In a nutshell… if you’re a member of a credit union which is part of this network then you’ll find you get access to 30k surcharge-free ATMs. This covers all states within the USA and even branches out across 10 countries. The CO-OP network has the largest pool of fee-free ATMs for credit union members as well as various commercial banks (Including Bank of America & Chase Bank) across its designated territories.


Just Get Cash Back At Stores

Instead of going to an ATM you could always take advantage of the cash back option available at many stores today. Anytime you use your card to make a purchase you’ll typically see an option to get ‘cash back’ and have to choose between a few options, often times letting you receive upto $100 or more with $300 typically being the absolute maximum in many cases.


Be Sure To Read Your ATM Agreements

A lot of times you can go online to your bank’s website and find their ATM terms which might even have some form of destination guide letting you know where you can find ATMs which are in your network. If you wish to do a quick Google search for this term (your bank name + free ATM) making sure you use the actual name of your bank and remove the plus-sign, for example “bank of america free atm” then you’ll usually get back positive results you can investigate.


A lot of times you’ll find an ATM within your network that’s just sitting in it’s own kiosk in a parking lot for a popular shopping center. Pharmacies such as CVS also tend to have ATMs inside them, gas stations and liquor stores as well. Let’s not forget that many grocery stores and Wal Marts, as well as other popular shopping destinations all tend to have ATMs inside them which might have an in-network machine ready for you to use. Just be on the lookout for them next time you’re out and about.


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