As we approach one of the busiest times of year for spending its important we take a step back and look at what we can really afford. The stress of the holiday season can be a big burden for many people but it really doesn’t have top be.

Here are 5 tips to save money and even reduce debt during the holidays.

TIP # 1 – Shop Online

After all it is the season of giving and many people will accumulate debt just to give to others. But you don’t have to spend a fortune to make others happy. Many products and services online are cheaper than going to your local store and can save you hundreds during the holiday season.

Tip # 2 Treat Yourself a Bit Less

Many people end up spending more money on themselves during the holidays then they would any other time of year. This is because you are in the “shopping spirit” and everything you see seems like a great fit for yourself.

Tip # 3 Use Cash Not Credit

It is very easy to lose control of your spending when you use credit cards. It takes a few days or weeks to see the real pain on your credit card statement. Save yourself the headache and only spend with cash or debit. This allows you to see and control your spending more wisely.

Tip # 4 Make a List & Budget

Don’t just go online or to the mall and start spending. Do some research, and make a list of people you plan to give to. Then find out the best prices whether online or at the local stores. You can easily go over budget if you do not plan in advance.

Tip # 5 Start Earlier than Later

Many times when you are in a rush not only do the gifts suffer in quality, but you spend more because you are in a panic. This often results in offer spending during the holidays. Why not spread out your buying throughout the year? This will give you time to find extremely good deals and not have to stress during the holidays,

Hopefully these fast tips can help you have a wonderful holiday season!

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