The New Year has rolled around and by now it’s estimated that about 80% of us have already drop kicked our resolutions out the window, bidding them a brisk farewell! Unlike resolving to shed a few extra pounds, to eat less sugary treats or drink fewer sugary drinks we’re on a level all it’s own where finances are concerned. Meaning the difference between success and possible hardship and failure we need to take our money resolutions seriously, particularly where business is concerned.

The internet is packed full of helpful advice so we’ll keep it simple in this handy read. Just three main, all-encompassing points to take away from this article in order to help keep you on the path for success… and here they are.


ONE: Keeping business & personal separated

Considered the ‘golden rule’ for personal business and finance this one has earned its place at the top. It can get tricky to keep your finances from mixing when you don’t have the necessary structures in place. Individual bank accounts, keeping separate books and if you happen to have a business of your own with it’s own TAX id number then of course tracking unique taxes can all add up in both time and energy spent.

On the brighter side of the coin however, if you do take that initial time for proper setup of your personal and business finances then you’re going to ultimately make your life easier. Peace of mind is a huge benefit and knowing that you’re helping to protect your personal finances by keeping your business in it’s own division is a great thing.

Following the advice of the 50/30/20 Rule it becomes feasible to put money away for a rainy day while also putting the bulk of it to work for you, helping to grow your business and maintain a comfortable quality of life. It’s tempting for a lot of us folks to consider our retirement plan as our ‘business’ but in the event you’ve got other plans then consider safeguarding your financial future by taking the time necessary to divide things up in the right way.


TWO: Investing For The Future

No matter what your current financial situation looks like it’s very important to strive to not keep all your eggs in that single basket, this includes your own business. Diversifying investments is the number one way to ensure your money is safer than if you were to go all in on anything, no matter how much it seems like a “sure thing”.

Avoiding hype-based decision making when the rest of the market is holding onto their seats by the edge is a smarter way to avoid mistakes with your investments. If you have investments in the stock market it’s sometimes uneasy to play it smart when our instincts are saying something different. Holding long term might help avoid drastic decision making and in the event you’re interested in starting with investments but don’t know how you could try this helpful app called Acorns which actually lets you invest with just your pocket change.

Speaking to a professional advisor is always a good recommendation, you never want to take anyone at their word where your money is concerned, not even the words you’re reading right now in this helpful article. If you’re the type who likes to teach themselves everything and ‘learn the hard way’ then by all means please do as you like just keep in mind that investing your money can be a very involved thing so take the time necessary to teach yourself well and become an informed investor.


THREE: Embrace Change & Shed Your Old Skin

The times, they are a changing… so should you if you want to keep up with it. Doing things such as investing in learning new skills, upgrading business related hardware every few years such as computers and tablets, taking the time to just maintain a healthy body & mind, it’s all important and even essential to keep you and your business at the upper levels of performance.

Have you been meaning to expand your business into a new direction? Do it! Take the required steps to workout an action plan and begin to implement the steps one at a time until your goals are reached.


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